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Considering membership with Study Cairns marks a significant step towards contributing to Queensland’s thriving economy. As one of Australia’s leading service exports, international education plays a pivotal role, generating over $36.4 billion to the Australian economy 2022-23 and creating over 27,000 full-time equivalent jobs, including 372 positions in Cairns alone.

Far North Queensland benefits substantially, with International Education injecting an estimated $57.4 million annually into the region. Annually, Cairns attracts more than 5,000 international students, not only bolstering the economy but also fostering cultural diversity, driving innovation, and empowering individuals to pursue transformative educational experiences.

For the past 26 years, Study Cairns has been at the forefront of promoting Cairns as a premier international study and edutourism destination. Our collaborative efforts with universities, vocational education and training providers, schools, English language centres, have attracted students from over 100 countries annually, positioning Cairns prominently on the global stage.

As a member-driven organization, Study Cairns is committed to supporting our members and students in achieving growth and seizing opportunities for Cairns’ continued success. Our network comprises progressive participants from various sectors, including educational institutions, study tours, homestay and student accommodation providers, tourism partners, and student support services. Your involvement will enrich our network, strengthening our collective impact and expanding our reach globally.

This is an exciting time for our region, and we eagerly anticipate discussing your membership needs and warmly welcoming you to the Study Cairns community.

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