Colombian student Juliana tells why Queensland is a great place to study

— 27 Apr, 2019 —

Colombian student Juliana talks about studying in Queensland

Juliana Medina from Colombia came to Australia to learn English six years ago and now lives in Brisbane, Queensland.

“I’ve been living in Australia for six years and the city of Brisbane is my home. Wow, six years living in Australia, six years full of lessons and study – time really flies!” laughs Juliana.

Juliana has found countless positive aspects of studying in Australia. Along with completing her studies, she has had many opportunities to explore other parts of the State of Queensland including Cairns, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Rockhampton.

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Juliana came to Australia with dreams to fulfill and many of them have come true during the past six years.

“My dream was to travel overseas to learn English and that dream eventually came true. Later, I decided to stay a bit longer in Australia and started studying vocational courses. Then I dreamt of finishing my university degree and eventually I graduated from an Australian university.”

“It’s incredible how all these dreams have come true in Australia.”

As an Ambassador for Study Queensland, Juliana visited Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. She spent time in the Cairns region learning about the terrific facilities available for international students, including the Cairns Student Hub.

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Learn more about how Study Queensland  and Study Cairns can help you to achieve your international study dreams in Queensland, where you can #StartHereGoAnywhere.

You can follow Juliana on Instagram @AcaenAustralia