CQUniversity to develop Aviation Hub in Cairns

— 9 Aug, 2017 —

CQUniversity's Community Impact Plan | Study Cairns

CQUniversity to develop $16mAviation Hub in Cairns

In the wake of CQUniversity’s recent announcement of a $54.7m Community Impact Plan, a $16m Asia-Pacific Aviation Hub is one of six major projects to be rolled out.

CQUniversity will develop a state-of-the-art Aviation and Engineering Centre of Excellence with a facility to be constructed at Cairns International Airport. This Centre will be run by leading industry experts utilising the latest in high-fidelity flight simulation technology. The Centre will be embedded firmly within industry, and be driven by engagement with industry, to firmly position Cairns as a leader for world-class aviation training in the Asia -Pacific region.

Study Cairns, as the lead agency for International Education and Training (IET) in the Cairns region,  supports CQUnivesity’s ambitious Community Impact Plan to implement the University’s vision for Cairns, cementing it as the home of two world-class universities.

The Cairns Community Impact Plan comprises five new industry kick-starter projects centred around a much larger, permanent campus base capable of accommodating more than 2500 local and international students in the heart of the CBD.

The new campus will cement CQUniversity’s rapidly-growing presence in the CBD permanently, securing Cairns’ identity as a multiple-university city. The much larger campus will also allow for further growth and investment by CQUniversity, with its current campus having reached capacity.

In addition to the permanent and expanded CBD campus, the Cairns Community Impact Plan also includes strategic projects designed to launch the emerging local industries of Aviation Engineering and Pilot Training; High Performance Sports Science; Indigenous Policy Formulation; Indigenous Health and Education; Emerging Tourism and Economic Development; and Creative and Performing Arts enterprises.

For full details on the Community Impact Plan including the Asia Pacific Aviation Hub, download the brochure below

CQUniversity Community Impact Plan