IET Funding secures Cairns Student Hub’s future for a further two years

— 23 Jul, 2018 —

IET Funding secures Student Hub’s future for a further two years

Study Cairns has announced that the future of the Cairns Student Hub is secure for a further two years following a successful grant application through Trade and Investment Queensland’s IET Partnership Fund.

One of the key objectives of the Cairns Student Hub is to encourage and support a positive and fulfilling student experience. The Cairns Student Hub ensures that international students experience a strong sense of belonging and connection to the local community throughout their stay in Cairns through local engagement and relevant support.

Cairns Student Hub | Study Cairns

Funding approval enables Study Cairns, through the Cairns Student Hub, to continue to further develop services such as social and cultural activities to support student integration into the community, provide support to students seeking employment and volunteering opportunities in the region along with individual assistance relating to students mental health and wellbeing.

The Cairns Student Hub is an integral part of the Cairns International Student Engagement Program which improves the experience of international students studying and living in Cairns. Supported by Trade and Investment Queensland, Cairns Regional Council, Study Cairns members and partners, the Student Hub forms the Cairns CBD centre piece of a thriving student community.

Study Cairns President, Carol Doyle, said that the future of Cairns Student Hub, as the public face of the international education sector in Cairns, is assured after securing funding for a further two years.

“This is an exciting time for the Cairns Student Hub, which provides a safe and welcoming environment to support the thousands of international students who come to Cairns each year,” said Ms Doyle.

“We look forward to developing the Hub’s range of services including further expansion of the Connect Project, which provides real employability options for students.”

“Through the Hub we offer learning opportunities, networking and social events throughout the year. We encourage alumni, academic and professional staff, Study Cairns members and industry partners to continue to engage with the international student community.”

Cairns Student Hub | Study Cairns

Figures released by the Australian Government in March 2018 show that the number of international students enrolled in Queensland institutions rose 11.6% in 2017. A total of 123,737 international students studied in Queensland in 2017, representing 15.5% of all international students enrolled in Australia. This makes Queensland Australia’s third-strongest performer in international education and training.

Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones, who is the Ministerial Champion for International Education, said international education was a major contributor to the Queensland economy, with regional Queensland playing an increasingly important role.

“International education contributes more than $4.13 billion to Queensland’s economy each year and regional locations are an important part of this,” she said.
The Cairns Student Cairns Student Hub was opened in November 2017 with a 90% student satisfaction of services being delivered with over 110 students utilising its services within the first month.