Student stories: Erick from DRC

— 6 Sep, 2017 —

Student Stories: Erick from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Student Stories Erick | Study Cairns

What made you decide to study in Cairns?

Because my family reside in Cairns and choice of University (James Cook University).

How long have you been in Cairns?

Seven years.

What institution/college are you currently studying at? What courses are you studying?

James Cook University Bachelor of Business Accounting.

Do you belong to any clubs or associations in Cairns

I am VP of the Amnesty International, Funder of Global Trotters (JCU Mobility), CPA Ambassador and Business students Ambassador, a former Student Mentor and Student Council. Currently member of Asia Universities.

What makes studying in Cairns great?

Its location, the laid back lifestyle and its tropical surroundings.

What do you love about living in Cairns?

The cultural diversity and the touristic inspired theme of the whole city.

What are your ‘5 top tips’ of places to visit/things to do in the Cairns region?

1. The Atherton Tablelands
2. Visit dairy farm and chocolate farm on the Atherton Tablelands
3. Port Douglas
4. Kuranda market
4. Cairns board walk on the Esplanade.

How have you grown personally while being in Cairns?

I have grown both mentally and academically. The lifestyle belongs to quick thinkers.

How has being in Cairns positively impacted your life?

It has given me the confidence of planning my journey and sticking to it.

Describe two highlights from studying in Cairns

I now realise that the studies here are completely the same as any other big city. But one big advantage we have here is that students can plan their day easily due to the proximity of everything.

Secondly, if one is a very active student, due to the size of the university campuses here, students get the academic access to as many facilities as they desire.

Is there anything that you wish you knew before you came to Cairns?

If anything, possibly I would wish to have learned more people skills.

What will you miss about Cairns when you return home?

Likely the relaxing lifestyle.

What would you say to future students who are thinking about studying in Cairns?

With my experience, I would say since Cairns is changing rapidly, maybe students should explore as much as they can while they are still here and go out and about because in the end “studies will end but memories will last”.