Student Stories: Jeongeun Kim from South Korea

— 8 Sep, 2017 —

Student Stories: Jeongeun Kim from South Korea

What made you decide to study in Cairns? Student Stories Jeongeun Kim | Study Cairns

Good course and reasonable price

How long have you been in Cairns?

Three years

What institution/college are you currently studying at? What courses are you studying?

I’m studying Nursing course at TAFE Queensland North

What makes studying in Cairns great?

Cairns has cheap accommodation options

What do you love about living in Cairns?

The peaceful environment of Cairns

What are your ‘5 top tips’ of places to visit/things to do in the Cairns region?

1. Diving
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Snorkelling
4. Fitzroy Island
5. Michaelmas Cay

How have you grown personally while being in Cairns?

I have widened my cultural view

How has being in Cairns positively impacted your life?

Meeting various types of people

Describe two highlights from studying in Cairns

Lower cost tuition fees and wonderful teachers

Is there anything that you wish you knew before you came to Cairns?

Cairns has poor public transportation

What will you miss about Cairns when you return home?

Its relaxed atmosphere

What would you say to future students who are thinking about studying in Cairns?

It would be a great experience to study in Cairns. There are nice people and warm weather.