VIDEO: Why study in Cairns?

— 1 Nov, 2018 —

VIDEO: Students talk about why Cairns is a great place to study

Cairns welcomes over 32,000 international students from 34 countries each year with the city’s multi-cultural aspect a major drawcard. The international education and training industry contributes an estimated $166m to the Cairns economy annually, creating over 1,080 jobs.

Students choose to visit Cairns for a variety of study options from days on a study tour program or for long term study at one of the regions internationally accredited Schools, Vocational or English Language Colleges, or Universities. It is anticipated that all international students will continue to be ambassadors for Cairns and promote the benefits of their experiences of living and studying in Cairns when they return home.

NOTE: This video is also available in avail in Japanese, Chinese, German & Spanish

Study Cairns is the lead agency for International Education and Training (IET) in the Cairns region. It is a collaborative international education network and marketing cluster which is dedicated to supporting its members to grow international education and training opportunities for the Cairns region.

Study Cairns is identified in the Cairns Regional Council’s Economic Snapshot as the region’s leading education and training network actively working to promote international education and training as well as to maximise export dollars into the regional economy.