Visitors to become Cairns & Great Barrier Reef custodians

— 16 Mar, 2020 —

Visitors to become Cairns & Great Barrier Reef custodians

In a bold new move to refresh Tropical North Queensland tourism, visitors to Cairns & Great Barrier Reef are being asked to think of themselves as custodians of the region’s natural attractions. Visitors are encouraged to be revitalised by the beauty of nature and its connection to ancient Indigenous culture.

Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) has launched the destination name Cairns & Great Barrier Reef for the Cairns region from Cardwell in the south, north to the Torres Strait and west across the Savannah Way to the Northern Territory border.

Each product in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef enables visitors to learn about our unique world heritage listed environments and the indigenous people that live within it. Tourism is not only about seeing but experiencing, learning and interacting with the community. Through educational experiences, Cairns  is able to sell its story and bring itself to the forefront of students’ minds when considering international study options.

Visitors experiencing Cairns & Great Barrier Reef are being encouraged to support a new tourism campaign which focuses on three pillars :

See Great – through remarkable experiences

  • The world’s oldest living rainforest, older than the Amazon
  • The world’s best-managed and most diverse reef
  • The world’s oldest living culture, Australia’s Aboriginal people
  • Home to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional lands
  • One of the Top 10 UNESCO rock art sites in the world
  • Unique wildlife like the cassowary, a living dinosaur
  • Powerful ancient rivers carving out gorges and creating spectacular waterfalls
  • One of the world’s most significant fossil deposits, Riversleigh World Heritage Site
  • Internationally renowned adventure drives Cape York and the Savannah Way

Feel Great – through making a genuine connection with the place

  • Join expert guides who bring the region’s stories to life, Master Reef Guides and Savannah Guides
  • Enjoy an enviable lifestyle with year-round warm weather and a spectacular environment
  • Taste locally grown tropical fruits, fresh seafood, beef, dairy and coffee
  • Connect with the ancient wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture
  • Easily access Australia’s most global regional city with daily connections for people and freight

 Leave Greater – as a person and by knowing that every visit makes a difference

  • Discover a community passionate about conservation of the environment and the region’s Indigenous cultures
  • Travel with a tour operator that contributes to the environment
  • Participate in an environmental conservation program
  • Visit the Great Barrier Reef knowing that you have contributed financially to its conservation


According to TTNQ Chief Executive Mark Olsen, visitors experiencing Cairns & Great Barrier Reef would discover that the place never leaves them.“Experiencing our great, makes visitors greater.

‘From our Great Barrier Reef to our great ancient rainforests and our great Indigenous culture, visitors are transformed for life,’ Mr Olsen said.

‘Cairns & Great Barrier Reef offers guilt-free travel through initiatives like the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Environmental Charge where visitors contribute towards the Reef’s conservation.

‘Many of our operators invest in the World Heritage areas they work in through conservation projects and Cairns & Great Barrier Reef is home to the world’s first Eco Certified Destination, the Port Douglas and Daintree region.

‘As local custodians, the tourism industry unlocks the stories behind our place so every visitor feels a deep connection and desire to give back.’

‘Our brand promise for every visitor to leave as a custodian taps into the mood of the country with Australians having a stronger desire to give back to nature and protect our Indigenous culture, a culture which teaches us to respect nature.

‘The region’s iconic experiences of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s oldest rainforest and everyday luxury – whether it’s enjoying tropical food or staying somewhere memorable – will be elevated through the branding.

‘However, Cairns & Great Barrier Reef is not just about our much-loved reef and rainforest. This brand will allow us to speak with more confidence about our many experiences including the outback and Indigenous culture,’ Mr Olsen said.