Damian ‘Wildman’ Duffy visits the Student Hub

— 13 Oct, 2019 —

Damian ‘Wildman’ Duffy visits the Student Hub

Damian ‘Wildman’ Duffy is an Aussie adventurer, wildlife warrior and photographer on a self-styled adventure showcasing Australia’s wild and weird landscape and its inhabitants to an ever-expanding audience.  He will be holding an engaging presentation at the Cairns Student Hub on Tuesday 15 October at 3.30pm – registration is essential!
Join us for an exciting afternoon to learn about Australian wild animals, adventures and conservation from the ‘Wildman’



The Wildman is coming! Tuesday 3.30pm the popular wildlife presenter Damian Duffy is speaking at the Hub about Far North Queensland wildlife and conservation. This will be a different presentation compared with this week’s, so come and join us and learn even more!
Capacity is limited – registration via the Hub web site is essential:
https://www.cairnsstudenthub.com.au/events/wildman/ #studyqueensland #studycairns
Posted by Cairns Student Hub on Thursday, 10 October 2019

Mr Duffy has tapped into years of experience in the tourism industry to create the online persona Wildman — an adventurer, wildlife photographer, and good-natured Aussie larrikin open to sharing his experiences with the wider world.

“It’s all about getting out and having an adventure,” Mr Duffy said.

Mr Duffy puts much of his success as a wildlife photographer down to learning to be patient when trekking through the rainforest.

“You can’t just walk into the bush for the first time and start spotting everything — it takes a long while to get used to it,” he said.

“But your eyes get accustomed to it, I call it getting ‘rainforest eyes’, they kind of calibrate a little bit.”

He said the best way to spot wildlife in the bush was to look for uniformity where it should not be.

“Things that are symmetrical are usually something that you want to take a second look at, especially as far as looking for insects goes,” Mr Duffy said.

“Once you calibrate your eyes you’ll be surprised what you can find.”