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Student Stories: What makes Cairns such a great study destination?

International students in Cairns have many ideas about what makes Cairns such a great destination for studying, working, living and playing. We hope you enjoy these Student Stories, which have been shared by students to show what it’s really like to study in Cairns.

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Students from around the world

Marlene Jazouli, Masters Student from James Cook University

‘Study Cairns’ initiative to organise an International Student Welcome at the City Council was simply brilliant. This event allowed me to meet other international students from around the world, as well as the organisers. It also gave the international students the opportunity to be heard and to meet the Mayor of Cairns in person. Particularly in my case, I had the chance to express my desire to become part of the Cairns community and to contribute to the success of this wonderful region.

The different prizes launched throughout the event constituted not only one of the highlights of the International Student Welcome, they also represented a fantastic way of helping international students familiarise themselves with the different attractions Cairns has to offer.’

Student from Georgia

“I am a student from Georgia, USA, and I always wanted to study abroad. I think traveling is a great opportunity to gain perspective but have fun at the same time. After putting a lot of time and thought as to where I will study abroad, I came across Cairns.

I singled out Cairns because I knew it is recognized as a very safe place, it is affordable, the weather all year around is beautiful, the Great Barrier Reef and the rain forests are in my backyard, and the night life is wonderful. I hope people choose to study in Cairns because it is truly a study in paradise.”

Dalibor (Czech Republic)

Hello! I started in General English at the beginning , and I had improved a lot so I progressed in to the IELTS Preparation course.

All the week’s were related to the course. You can improve your skills very quickly if you decide to study more intensively. GEOS Cairns offer very kind, almost family-like, study conditions with nice, patient and professional teachers and staff ready to help you during the lesson and after school. Cairns offers a very good opportunity for diving and trips…. don’t forgot GEOS is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforest.

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