Cairns Regional Council

Cairns Regional Council is a strong supporter of International Education and Training (IET) in Cairns. Since 2010, Cairns Regional Council has provided financial support to Study Cairns to facilitate sustainable economic growth of this important sector. This aligns with Council’s Economic Development Strategy 2018-2022 which identifies IET as an important contributor to the economic diversification of the Cairns economy.

Cairns Regional Council offers a large range of services and facilities for residents and visitors to Cairns. Check out Cairns Regional Council website to find events, activities and facilities or download the free My Cairns app.

About Cairns Regional Council

There are three tiers of government in Australia, with each having a specific set of functions and responsibilities: Federal Government, State or Territory Governments and Local Governments. Cairns Regional Council is a Local Government.

The elected council is the law-making body and consists of the Mayor and 9 other Councillors who each represent a division. The administration of Council is divided into six departments, headed by the Chief Executive Officer. Cairns Regional Council has approximately 1250 staff and an annual budget of more than $294 million.

Cairns Regional Council provides community services and facilities, and it is also responsible for making and enforcing local laws. Traditionally, councils have provided services such as roads, water supply and sewerage, but more and more they are becoming involved in the social, economic and cultural development of their communities, and in improving local living environments.


The Vision of Cairns Regional Council is to:

  • Value our natural environment, lifestyle and surroundings;
  • Support and respect distinctive and vibrant communities; and
  • Be innovative and creative, grow and diversify our economy.

Cairns Sister Cities

The Sister Cities program aims to develop meaningful and long term links with cities and communities in other countries to achieve a greater level of international understanding and goodwill between peoples, and to share economic, community, cultural and social interaction. Cairns has sister city relationships with seven cities:

  • Minami and Oyama, Japan
  • Zhanjiang, China
  • Lae, Papua New Guinea
  • Sidney, Canada
  • Scottsdale, USA
  • Riga, Latvia

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Download the My Cairns app

My Cairns app makes it easy for people who study, live, work and play in Cairns to stay connected and find out what’s on and when. Use My Cairns to keep in touch with events, find things to do and get information relevant to you.

My Cairns is a FREE APP designed to make life easier for residents, business owners and visitors.

Opt-in to receive information about events, services and alerts such as works programs, beach and road closures, severe weather warnings and key events that may impact their business and customers.

My Cairns App is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With My Cairns app you can find the information you need on your mobile device.

Why download the My Cairns app?

  • Find out what events are happening across the Cairns region
  • Find hundreds of things to do, from parks and beaches, to walking tracks and libraries
  • Reminders for local events, water restrictions and jobs at Cairns Regional Council
  • Opt in for alerts on road and beach closures and severe weather warnings
  • Find free wifi hotspots around Cairns
  • Report problems for Council to fix
  • Get up to date disaster information and check the local weather

Snap and report a problem to Cairns Regional Council easily. The My Cairns app has been designed to report non-urgent issues. To report urgent issues, phone Cairns Regional Council on 1300 69 22 47 or for life-threatening emergencies dial 000.

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