AJ Hackett celebrates 4 million jumps

— 27 Sep, 2018 —

AJ Hackett celebrates 4 million bungy jumps!

AJ Hackett, the pioneers of bungy jumping, have just celebrated 4 million jumps across their global network.

The first half of 2018 saw some amazing and exciting milestones; Elon Musk sent a car into space, Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize and a kid yodelling in Walmart now has a record deal.

But none of these are as incredible and epic as AJ Hackett International having now reached 4 Million Bungy Jumpers! That’s right – 4 million people have Bungy Jumped – over 11 countries and 30 years of adrenaline-fuelled excellence, daring to defy gravity all with a 100% safety record, exclusive to AJ Hackett.

Proving, contrary to popular belief, Bungy Jumping, at an AJ Hackett site, is actually a very safe and predictable Adventure Sport for all ages and abilities. This impeccable record can be attributed to 30 strong years of following AJ’s motto, coined by AJ Hackett, Founder & Director AJ Hackett International :

“I’m in the business of providing a safe, trust worthy environment so our clients can push themselves, overcoming their own personal challenges and breaking from their comfort zone. I’m not in the business of hurting anyone. If this sport wasn’t so predictable, it wouldn’t have succeeded”.

In 1992, working alongside both the Australian and New Zealand Governments, AJ Hackett wrote the Code of Practice for Bungy Jumping AUNZ:5848. This code of Practice has been the benchmark for all AJ Hackett sites globally to adhere and go beyond.

The 4 Million Jumps is a combination from all current AJ Hackett Bungy sites – Australia, France, Macau, New Zealand, Russia and Singapore, and previously owned & operated – Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico and United States of America.