Cairns Student Hub Internship Program 2024: Unlock Your Potential

— 1 Dec, 2023 —

The Opportunity

“Embark on a transformative journey with the Cairns Student Hub Internship Program 2024! Collaborate with organisations like Trade and Investment Queensland, Cairns Regional Council, and local businesses. Immerse yourself in hands-on tasks, enhance employability, and build a professional network. Elevate your skills in our vibrant multicultural student community. Apply now! Email:


Managed by Study Cairns, the Cairns Student Hub fosters a supportive environment to enhance the international student experience. Supported by Trade and Investment Queensland, Cairns Regional Council, educational institutions, and local businesses, the Student Hub is the focal point of a thriving multicultural student community. Located in the heart of Cairns city, it provides a welcoming space for students to connect with peers, colleagues, and the wider student community.

Internship Details

Why Intern?

– Immerse in a workplace for unique, non-classroom learning.

– Gain hands-on experience and skill development.

– Build a professional network.

– Enhance oral and written communication skills across various mediums.

– Acquire references to boost employability.

Unpaid Internship at Cairns Student Hub

– IELTS 6 or above – selection criteria

– Open to students from Study Cairns education provider members

– Duration: 1 month.

– Commitment: 3 hours/week – one day/week.

Internship Tasks

– Compile a list of free activities for students in Cairns each month.

– Perform data input tasks, including managing contact databases.

– Assist with tour information and support.

– Research possible workshop and activity ideas.

– Edit and proofread marketing materials.

– Collect content for social media.

– Support the marketing officer in executing campaigns.

– Assist in tracking and measuring responses to marketing initiatives.

– Contribute to gathering data for reporting.


How to apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to


Unpaid Internship Rules in Australia:

– Unpaid internships are legal when they are vocational placements or lack an employment relationship.

– Interns shouldn’t be required to perform “productive” tasks during the internship.

– The internship should primarily benefit the intern over the employer.

– The internship must clearly outline that the intern will receive meaningful learning experiences, training, or skill development.

Learn more about unpaid internship rules in Australia

Take a step towards professional growth and cultural immersion. Apply today and be a part of the Cairns Student Hub Internship Program 2024!