A message from the Mayor of Cairns

Cairns Regional Council, in partnership with Study Cairns, aims to position our city as a quality destination for international students, fostering innovation and export opportunities in education.

Cairns already stands as one of Australia’s most loved locations for study tourism, boasting affordable, world-class educational options.

Each year, over 30,000 international students select Cairns for “edu-tourism” and international education, attracted by our high-quality and diverse educational offerings, beautiful climate, pristine environment, and secure community.

This sector directly employs hundreds of individuals and contributes over $60 million annually to our local economy.

We anticipate continued growth, as our diverse educational institutions consistently attract over half of all regional Queensland’s international students, including those on short-term study tours.

Our strategic location positions us ideally for students from the Asia-Pacific region.

Study Cairns’ member institutions provide world-class education and training services, making international education a driving force in Cairns’ economy.

Our commitment to uniting the industry and fostering growth opportunities among members will shape an exciting future.

As a Study Cairns member, you too can participate in this promising journey.

Terry James,
Mayor of Cairns

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