Message to students English language skills

— 15 Oct, 2017 —

Message to international students regarding English skills

Contrary to some media reports over the past day, a new test is not being imposed to assess English-language proficiency among international students in Australia.

Australian education institutions already have some of the strongest standards in the world to ensure that international students can get the most benefit from studying and living here.

Yesterday the Australian Government released updated national standards for ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students), which will apply from 2018.

Some media reports mistakenly suggested a new test is required as part of these new standards. There is no requirement for further standardised testing under the ELICOS National Standards 2018.

Testing is only one form of assessment that may be considered and education providers will still set their own English language requirements for entry to their courses. Crucially, also, the revised standards do not change the existing visa requirements to study in Australia – nor the pathways to further study.

It is important that potential students understand this will not make it harder to study in Australia.
The ELICOS National Standards 2018 make minor amendments to existing standards to ensure quality is upheld in the future.

The main change amends the definition of an ELICOS course to bring all registered intensive English language courses within the scope of the ELICOS standards.This step has been supported by all peak education bodies as yet another quality measure to ensure students get the most from their education in Australia.

Australia’s international education industry has been developed with robust regulatory and quality controls.
This joint communique of Australia’s leading peak bodies for international education affirms the quality of our ELICOS sector and our shared commitment to safeguard that quality.