Study Cairns is Hosting it’s Largest International Education Agent Famil 9-15 September

— 15 Nov, 2023 —


MEDIA RELEASE: International Education and Training

Date: 5 September 2023

Study Cairns is hosting its largest international education agent famil 9-15 September

Study Cairns is hosting a delegation comprising 20 international education agents hailing from Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Education agents are responsible for sending 75 per cent of international students to Australia and play an important role in global international education.

This visit will showcase the strength of the international education sector in Cairns on a global scale. These offerings include two world-class universities, vocational education and training institutes, English language colleges, schools, study tour operators, purpose-built student accommodation, education agents, and a thriving international student community. Additionally, they will have the chance to experience some of the region’s key edutourism attractions, immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty of our famous world heritage region and participate in some of the unique offerings that Cairns provides.

International Education in Cairns
Cairns has established itself as one of Australia’s premier edutourism destinations, attracting over
33,000 international students annually. To support these students, Cairns boasts a dedicated International Student Hub located in the heart of the city. The hub provides valuable assistance in education, housing, employment, tourism, student community activities, and local events.

David Craig, President of Study Cairns, highlighted that ‘students choose Cairns not only for its world-class education but also to enjoy the balanced and rewarding lifestyle that the region offers’.

Economic Impact
International education plays a pivotal role in Cairns’ economy, contributing more than $56 million in 2021 and supporting 370 full-time equivalent jobs. International education is Queensland’s largest services export worth $3.2 billion in 2021. However, total enrolments are not yet back to pre-pandemic levels and Study Cairns believes famils like this are vital to the industry’s recovery.

Beyond its economic impact, international education in Cairns fosters cultural diversity, enriches the local community, drives innovation, and equips individuals with skills and knowledge that can profoundly transform their lives.

Deputy Cairns Mayor, Cr Terry James remarked, ‘International education is a vital component of Cairns’ society. It brings about numerous economic, cultural, and social benefits to our people and businesses while forging lasting connections with communities and partners worldwide.’

Historical Significance
Study Cairns, initially established in 1997 as one of the first industry clusters under the Cairns
Regional Economic Development Committee (CREDC), is recognized as one of Australia’s oldest International Student Clusters.”