Study Cairns supports CQUniversity’s Community Impact Plan

— 31 Jul, 2017 —

CQUniversity's Community Impact Plan | Study Cairns

Study Cairns supports CQUniversity’s $54.7m Community Impact Plan

CQUniversity today unveiled a $54.7m shovel-ready funding proposal designed to stimulate new industries in North Queensland and generate maximum community impact.

Study Cairns, as the lead agency for International Education and Training (IET) in the Cairns region,  supports this ambitious Community Impact Plan to implement the University’s vision for Cairns, cementing it as the home of two world-class universities.

The expansion of CQUniversity in Cairns and the establishment of a permanent, state-of-the-art CBD campus among a number of other bold plans, will have a positive impact on the city and help the continued growth of international students studying in Cairns.

This Community Impact Plan represents an unbeatable opportunity to unlock the potential of Cairns and North Queensland, creating change in Northern Australia. The Plan contributes to future prosperity, regional success, jobs growth, sustainability and social and cultural development of the region.

Key elements of the Community Impact Plan

Attracting and retaining talent to North Queensland has a positive flow-on effect as many students stay in the region after completing their studies, contributing their skills and knowledge to the benefit of the Cairns community.

Cairns is developing as Australia’s newest and most attractive post-school education hub, attracting domestic and international students to the region. This growth industry creates a buzz around the  city and contributes to employment creation and economic growth.

CQUUniversity has provided locals with choice and flexibility when it comes to education and the research being conducted by the University in the region is already having an impact.

CQUniversity is a leading University

CQUniversity was welcomed to Cairns in 2012 when it opened a modest study centre to better service the 500-plus distance education students who were enrolled with the Cairns University. The ensuing growth in student enrolments and community impact was phenomenal. Before long CQUniversity moved into a much larger central CBD location at Cairns Square where it remains today.

Now is an opportune time for CQUniversity to cement its presence in Tropical North Queensland permanently and further increase its engagement with the region’s communities and industries.

This will involve the University delivering on the next stage of its community impact, forecast student growth, expanded course offerings and industry engagement. To do this, the University will deliver a broader scope of teaching, research and community engagement opportunities that not only benefit local and international students, but are also economic and social drivers of the region.

To achieve this, the plan comprises six key projects which will build upon both short-term and long-term opportunities to advance Cairns region and Northern Australia. These include:-

PROJECT 1: $30M CBD campus

PROJECT 2: $16M Asia-Pacific aviation hub

PROJECT 3: $1.2M First People’s Think Tank and Research Centre

PROJECT 4: $2.5M Creative and Performing Arts Precinct

PROJECT 5: $2.5M Research capability extension

PROJECT 6: $2.5M Professional Sports Centre for Excellence

The CQUniversity Cains Community Impact Plan is designed to have a direct, tangible and positive impact on the industries, economies and communities that underpin the prosperity of the Cairns region. The plan has been developed in consultation with key industry and community partners, including Study Cairns, with a genuine focus on future prosperity, regional success, jobs growth, sustainability and social and cultural development.

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