Cairns is at the heart of International Education Tourism

— 4 Mar, 2017 —

Cairns attractions at the centre of International Education Tourism

It’s an exciting time for Queensland’s two major services exports; tourism and education. International Education is recognised as the 5th largest export and 2nd largest services export. Cairns is at the heart of this burgeoning industry which creates over 1000 jobs locally.

With the launch of the new Business and Skilled Migration website, a business unit of Trade & Investment Queensland, International Education Tourism (IEW) remains firmly in the spotlight. Cairns is the proud host for Australia New Zealand Agent (ANZA) Workshop, the first time this international conference is held in a regional centre, bringing together hundreds of educators, work and travel organisations, industry service providers and international agents (buyers) who send many thousands of students and youth travellers to north Queensland annually.

According to Carol Doyle, President of Study Cairns, international education is a major driver of income to the region. “It is estimated that International Education brings in over $150 million annually to Far North Queensland alone.”

“More than 25,000 international students choose to study in Cairns each year. In addition to its economic contribution, the International Education and Training industry promotes cultural diversity and enrichment, drives innovation and advancement, and gives individuals the skills and knowledge they need to transform their lives,” Ms Doyle says.

Study Cairns is dedicated to supporting its members and students achieve growth and maximize opportunities for the Cairns region. Members make up a progressive network of participants from various sectors of industry. Study Cairns vision is to see Cairns become the leading regional International Education and Training destination in the Asia Pacific by 2020.

Following on from a successful Trade Mission to Japan in 2016 Study Cairns is planning further Trade Missions to key destinations. With the 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held in Queensland, Study Cairns will be working closely with members in the lead up the Games.

It’s no surprise that the Great Barrier Reef is one of Cairns’ biggest attractions.