Study Cairns celebrating International Students Excellence

— 22 Nov, 2023 —

Media Release: Study Cairns Celebrates International Education Excellence
Date: 16 November 2023

Study Cairns is excited to host an upcoming celebration in honour of International Students Day on Friday, 17 November (5.00-7.00pm) at the Edge, Hilton Cairns Hotel. Acting Mayor Councillor Terry James will be in attendance to present the Study Cairns Excellence Awards to the nominated students.
International Students Day provides a valuable opportunity to recognise the significant contributions made by international students to the local community, economy, and cultural diversity that Cairns prides itself on. The event aims to showcase the achievements of exceptional international students and the educational institutions that empower them. International education is Queensland’s biggest services export bringing in $4.30bn in 2022 an increase of 12% from 2021. International education added $57.4m to the Cairns economy in 2022 and supported more than 370 jobs.
The Excellence Awards, a highlight of the evening, will be presented by Acting Mayor Councillor Terry James to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, leadership qualities, and notable contributions to the community. These deserving students have been nominated by their respective educational institutions, acknowledging their commitment, hard work, and dedication.
In addition to the Excellence Awards ceremony, the event will feature, networking opportunities for Study Cairns members and key industry leaders. It will also provide a platform for international and local students to forge meaningful connections, fostering a sense of belonging and support within the international student community.
“We are honoured to host this prestigious event that acknowledges the exceptional achievements of our international students,” Joanna Wood, General Manager of Study Cairns. “Through this celebration, we aim to showcase the immense contribution these students make to our society, while also encouraging intercultural exchange within our vibrant community. We are grateful to have Acting Mayor Councillor Terry James with us, highlighting the city’s commitment to nurturing a welcoming environment for students from around the world.”
Historical Significance
Study Cairns, initially established in 1997 as one of the first industry clusters under the Cairns Regional Economic Development Committee (CREDC), is recognized as one of Australia’s oldest International Education Clusters.”
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