Study Cairns New President

— 24 Nov, 2023 —

Date: 22 November 2023
On the same day as Study Cairns celebrated International Students Day (17 November) with an event attracting more than 100 guests and recognising nine outstanding international students, Study Cairns is pleased to announce the appointment of Samara Dever, Director of Marketing and Enrolments, Peace Lutheran College, as the new President of Study Cairns. The Excellence Awards, a highlight of the evening, were presented by Acting Mayor Councillor Terry James to international students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, leadership qualities, and notable contributions to the community. These deserving international students have been nominated by their respective educational institutions, acknowledging their commitment, hard work, and dedication.
As the new President, Samara Dever will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Study Cairns, fostering partnerships with educational institutions, and advocating for the interests of international students. A key priority will be working closely with the Study Cairns Executive Committee and stakeholders to ensure the continued growth and success of the organisation and international education. International education added $57.4m to the Cairns economy in 2022 and supported
more than 370 jobs.
Samara Dever is honoured to be the newly elected President of Study Cairns and thanked David Craig, Chief Marketing Officer and PVC International James Cook University, for his leadership and contribution as former Study Cairns President
2023. “Study Cairns is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education and its vibrant multicultural community. With a wide range of high-quality educational institutions and a supportive environment, Cairns offers international students a
unique and enriching learning experience” Samara Dever. Joanna Wood, General Manager, Study Cairns “We are delighted to welcome Samara Dever as the new President of Study Cairns. Her leadership skills and industry knowledge will be instrumental in driving Study Cairns forward and ensuring that Cairns remains a top choice for international students.”

The Executive Committee of Study Cairns consists of Samara Dever (President), Danielle Carey (Vice President), Sophie Costi (Secretary), and Janine Bowmaker (Treasurer). They are joined by fellow committee members Michelle Bottrall, Jodie Duignan-George, Joy Jenkins, Sarah Mort, Mateja Rautner and Carlie Sage.