AusIDGlobal program identifies student strengths

— 19 Jan, 2020 —


AusIDGlobal program identifies student strengths

The AusIDGlobal program provide students, their parents and teachers with an understanding of an individual’s strengths and core needs. It also offers greater appreciation of how personality traits impact on student behaviour, interactions and achievements, and how they affect teachers’ perceptions, decisions and attributions. AusIDGlobal enables all participants to develop strong bonds and rapport with other students, teachers to better design activities that are more personalised and engaging across a spectrum of learning and teaching styles AND parents to build strong bonds. .
Outcomes for students include:

• Enhanced self-esteem and self-awareness
• Increased ability to communicate effectively
• Personalised strategies for success
• Improved ability to identify optimal career paths

Outcomes for teachers include:

• Enhanced student engagement and performance
• Integration of learning & teaching styles
• Practical strategies for classroom interactions
• Improved communication among groups

Outcomes for parents include:

• Understanding of different communication styles
• Appreciation of how best to support individuals
• Practical activities to help build effective rapport
• Improved relationships through self-awareness


AusIDGlobal Background

AusIDGlobal presents a fresh and uniquely Australian look at personality types. It works by linking people’s innate behavioural traits to the characteristics of four well-known Australian animals, a model that has already been embraced by over 350 Australian schools, Universities, TAFE, The State School Principals Association (QASSP), Department of Education and the Education Leadership Institute.

Our interactive workshop gives participants knowledge of the different personality types, as well as a better understanding of themselves. The program also consists of an app and a virtual online learning center hosted on our website, which are designed to offer students, their parents and their teachers ongoing insights into how personality affects people in different situations, and supports the integration of this knowledge.

AusIDGlobal app

AusIDGlobal app

AusIDGlobal app

The AusIDGlobal app includes 3 levels of questions for a variety of age groups, as well as 8 different categories where knowledge of type can be applied: Communication, Careers, Stress, Parenting, Teenagers, In the Classroom and at Work, and Study Skills


There are also in-depth descriptions of the different types and how they operate in the world, with the information clearly outlined at the touch of a button. Links then are provided to famous types the students can identify with more readily.


The content is easily on the eye, and the lay-out is straightforward. The language used is easy to understand English, but the app can also be adapted to include translation into the visiting student’s native language

Download the AusIDGlobal app from iTunes or Google Play.


Celebrating diversity is a well-established business practice that adds value to teams and communities. Yet diversity in personality in schools is often overlooked, even though it has the potential to generate tremendous value for principals and teachers looking to improve outcomes. To help address this, AusIDGlobal has created a virtual ‘classroom’ where teachers based in Australia and overseas are able to access the training necessary for them to deliver AusIDGlobal workshops of their own.

Case Study

Murgon State School, the largest primary school in the Barambah cluster in south-east Queensland, introduced the AusIDGlobal program to their teaching staff at the beginning of their school year. With this dynamic new approach, coupled with ongoing support and access to our on-line learning resource, the entire school was able to create a more inclusive approach to teaching, one that allowed them to identify and work with the innate strengths of both their staff and students.

Principal, Pamela O’Loughlin, went on to say, “As one of the 40 most improved schools named following the results of the recent NAPLAN figures, I would have to say that we can attribute our excellent results in part to the introduction of a program called AusIDGlobal. Along with other initiatives like the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support
System, AusIDGlobal has allowed our teachers to become more personally involved with the students, allowing them in particular to teach them more often according to their individual preferred learning styles. It has also helped the teachers work together with the minimum of fuss or conflict, as they are now much more appreciative of each other’s points of view. AusIDGlobal has been, and continues to be, a significant part of our core strategies for continued success at Murgon State School.”

For more information about our training programs and the work we do with International students, please contact us at , or visit AusIDGlobal website.

Becoming an Australian animal was a lot of fun. The Australian animal that my personality matched with was very accurate and helped me to appreciate my personality traits. I used to think that being sensitive was a negative part of my personality, but after learning more about my personality trait I now understand that it is a positive part of my personality.” Mirai Kondo, Japan